Comic Sans Pro Press Release Makes the Business Wire Top 20 of 2011

Bill Davis

Bill Davis in Archive on January 31, 2012

Who says fonts aren’t newsworthy? Last year we had a little fun on April 1 and chose that date to announce the new Comic Sans® Pro font family. Recently we learned that this particular release placed number six on the list of top 20 most-viewed press releases for during 2011.

Yes, the Comic Sans Pro press release was read by more people than:

  • Steve Job’s resignation letter
  • Google’s plans to acquire Motorola Mobility
  • ExxonMobil’s discoveries in deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Of course there was a lot of other Tom Foolery going on last April 1st, including Google’s font shenanigans – if you searched for “Helvetica” the results were displayed in Comic Sans. Now tell me again, who says fonts can’t be fun?

I love Comic Sans Pro - font sample


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