Bitstream Type Library Web Fonts Now Available

by Bill Davis

We are proud to announce the availability of the Bitstream Type Library as Web fonts from This collection of fonts includes a popular range of classic text faces, elegant script fonts and expressive display fonts.

Iowan Old Style – designed by John Downer 

The Bitstream Type Library dates back to 1981 when Bitstream was formed as the first independent digital font foundry. Under the guidance of Matthew Carter and Mike Parker, and with the assistance of David Berlow and others, the Bitstream Type Library established itself as a solid resource in the early days of desktop publishing.

Eroxian BT – designed by Eduardo Manso

Today the Bitstream Type Library contains an impressive range of fonts that are great for both print and on-screen projects. Each of these fonts were screen optimized by Monotype’s font development team specifically for use as Web fonts.

Zapf Elliptical 711– designed by Hermann Zapf

With over 900 fonts to choose from, we hope you will find these Bitstream fonts a welcome addition to enhance your typographic palette.

View the Bitstream fonts on


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One Response to “Bitstream Type Library Web Fonts Now Available”

  1. Doug Elerath says:

    Max OS X system fonts do not display true to size. For example, the H in a 12 pt font is approximately 3 mm high. In Mac OS X, an 18–20 point font is 3 mm high. This is especially apparent when the user has no control over the fonts because they are system fonts, and so when the system calls for a 12 pt font, the display is actually an 8 pt font. This makes for _very_ difficult reading. All the niceties of font face design are irrelevant when the font is unreadably small.

    Apparently this has been an issue for years, but Apple does nothing to rectify it. I would like to replace the fonts in my system folder with ones that are named correctly according to the screen display size. Do you know of any “Over sized” fonts I could purchase? For example, a Lucida Grande ttf package in which the 18 pt font is labeled 12 pt so that I can get a readable display font where the user is not otherwise able to control the font size through preferences?

    Thank you

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