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by Ryan Arruda


Occurring over four days at the end of May, the Sasquatch! Music Festival features an eclectic lineup of musicians performing at the Gorge Amphitheater in Quincy, Wash.

The festival’s site is a typographic delight. Utilizing colossal headlines and navigation elements all in the affable ultra weight of the ITC Kabel family, the site is reminiscent of 19th century broadsides — large, type driven, and visually arresting.

Despite the presentation being set almost exclusively in not only the same typeface, but the same weight of that selection, the use of scale as well as the muted, earthy color palette provides an engaging and navigable hierarchy.

In a slight divergence, the site’s body copy is set in the Futura family’s book weight. While certainly an aesthetic cousin of the ITC Kabel designs, Futura is decidedly more austere, making it apt for longer passages of text where former’s visually boisterous character would be to the detriment of the reader. The pairing works especially well given the contrast in the weights employed.

The ITC Kabel family is available in five weights, from the reserved book style to the hulking (yet charismatic) ultra weight. The Futura family is available in an expansive 20 styles, with weights from light to extra bold, including companion condensed widths as well. Both typeface families are available for desktop licensing, as well as online use through subscriptions to the Web Fonts service.

Ryan ArrudaRyan Arruda is the Web Content Strategist at Monotype Imaging. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Clark University, and an MFA in graphic design from RISD.

by Ryan Arruda is the online presence of Tourism Ireland, an organization marketing the Emerald Isle as a premiere travel destination.

The layout of the site is quite kinetic, with modular content blocks of varying size overlaid upon large, vibrant photographs. The site utilizes the Rockwell typeface family nearly exclusively; it’s employed not only for headlines, but subheads, body text and primary navigation as well. Italic styles are employed for secondary navigation.

Customer Spotlight:

While the heavier weights of this friendly slab serif design from Monotype are strong and sturdy, its lighter weights are excellent choices for body text. A visual complement to layout of the site itself, Rockwell’s geometric letterforms mirror the gridded, modular construction present on

The Rockwell family is available in four weights from light to extra bold, along with matching italics. For further flexibility, the family is also available in two condensed styles as well. Try it for yourself through the subscriptions to the Web Fonts service.

Ryan ArrudaRyan Arruda is the Web Content Strategist at Monotype Imaging. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Clark University, and an MFA in graphic design from RISD.

by Darren Glenister

Google FontsWhile more and more Web design is being done in the browser, much of the initial prototyping is still handled within desktop design apps. This requires Web designers who are working with Web fonts to also acquire desktop versions of their fonts. It also put an onus on Web font providers such as Google and to provide easy access to desktop fonts.

Google Fonts

We’ve recently paired with the Google Fonts team to help streamline this process for their users. You can now use our SkyFonts utility on to download and sync Google fonts to your desktop machines. Start by installing SkyFonts on your Mac or PC. Next, visit our listing of Google Fonts on Finally, click the Add to SkyFonts button next to any Google font you’d like to install. SkyFonts will quickly install it on your local machine. When updates to your fonts are released, including display enhancements or the addition of new characters, the latest data will be immediately synchronized to your machine. Subscription TabIf you enjoy using SkyFonts, you’ll be pleased to hear that it can also be used in other ways on Access the Subscription tab of any font listing or product page and look for the ‘Add to SkyFonts’ button. This button indicates that the font is one of the 15,000+ designs available for a free five minute trial. If you have a Web Fonts subscription, you may also be able to install the font as a mockup font, which allows you to use the font for a day for creating website mockups or as a desktop font which allows you to use a font for general design use for 30 days. After the time period expires, SkyFonts discretely removes the font from your machine without interruption to your tasks.

SkyFonts has garnered tremendous excitement since its release late last year. We hope to build upon this momentum as we extend the platform to Google Fonts and and simplify the design process for the growing number of designers working in digital and print.


by Johnathan Zsittnik Web Fonts

At Monotype, we believe that type is the foundation of good design and that this principle holds true whether you’re designing for the Web, print or any other medium. With the aim of providing the tools necessary to deliver great typography for all media, today we proudly unveil a major enhancement to our Web Fonts subscriptions: desktop fonts. Led by our new Master subscription which includes unlimited downloads from our selection of 7,000+ desktop fonts, we now offer plans that provide everything you need to deliver incredible typography for digital and print design through one convenient subscription.

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Our new Master subscription includes all of the amenities of our Professional plans such as our Typecast design app and the ability to self-host, with the new benefit of desktop fonts. Subscription options start at $100 per month or a little bit cheaper if you sign up for an annual or three year plan. If you’re on a Professional plan with 2.5M pageviews or more and are already paying this much, we have good news for you. Your subscription has automatically been upgraded to Master, meaning you’ll enjoy unlimited desktop fonts. You won’t have to pay more, you’ll just get more.

With the following components, our Master subscription delivers a complete typographic solution for digital and print design:
•    Millions of pageviews – The base plan includes 2.5M pageviews. Add more as needed.
•    Typecast – a seat of our powerful, browser-based app for designing with Web fonts.
•    Mockup fonts – desktop versions of your Web fonts that can be used for creating mockups of your websites.

We believe the Master subscription provides an incredible value – particularly for those who consume a lot of type or with high traffic websites. However, if you have lesser demands, we’ve also made notable enhancements to our other plans. Most notably, our Standard subscription has been bolstered with a selection of mockup fonts while our Professional subscription includes an allowance of mockup fonts and desktop fonts. Here’s a closer look at the contents of each plan. Subscription Plans and Pricing

Powered by SkyFonts
Released last year to much acclaim, our SkyFonts platform uses patent-pending technology to temporarily install fonts and synchronize them across multiple workstations. We’re very excited to broaden the reach of this powerful tool by bringing it to SkyFonts can be used to install mockup fonts and desktop fonts included with your subscription. You can also use SkyFonts to try most fonts available through the Web font service for free for five minutes. Even free plan subscribers can use SkyFonts for this purpose. More on this in tomorrow’s post, but Google Fonts users will be pleased to know they can now use SkyFonts to install desktop versions of Google Web fonts.

If customer requests are any indication, font trials, mockup fonts and desktop fonts will be a welcome addition to our plans. When paired with Typecast, we believe we offer a typographic solution that will cover your type needs throughout your entire digital or print workflows. If you’re in the market for a type solution, we encourage you to try a free plan. And for those already working with Web Fonts, consider ‘graduating’ to a Master subscription.

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Johnathan Zsittnik
Johnathan Zsittnik is the eCommerce Marketing Manager at Monotype Imaging. Johnathan holds both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from Bentley University.

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