Evaluate Web Fonts With Ease Through the Free Typecast Demo on

by Johnathan Zsittnik

Commitment can be a wonderful thing, but not always when it comes to choosing type — especially if you’re uncertain that a typeface is the right fit for your project. With this in mind, we’ve introduced a new avenue on to experiment, evaluate and discover Web fonts. All of Web font product pages are now integrated with Typecast – the browser-based design app made for designing with Web fonts.


Just follow the ‘Try it in Typecast’ link to reach the Typecast demo for that typeface. Enter custom text or adjust size, spacing, color and other attributes for an amazingly close preview. We’re hopeful this integration will provide a better path to explore our inventory for subscribers who are looking for a typeface for their next project as well as newcomers looking to evaluate our inventory.


We think you’ll love working with Typecast. If you do, consider picking up your own Typecast subscription which will allow you to save changes and unlock other features. Or, get your Typecast subscription for free with any Web Fonts Pro or Master plan. Ready to see for yourself? Try it out with this demo for the new Trade Gothic typeface family.

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