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by Allan Haley

Stefan Claudius designs type, but this has not been his only profession. “Type design is currently my main occupation,” he says, “but I have spent more time as a typographer and graphic designer.” Claudius also teaches typography and typeface design at several German colleges and design schools.

“Teaching has considerably broadened my horizons,” he continues. “I have had to research things that I previously knew little about, to ensure that I provide my students with the best information.”

Yalta Sans

Claudius also acknowledges learning a great deal about the process of typeface design while developing his Yalta Sans family.

From his first trial sketches in 2005 to the official announcement of Yalta Sans eight years later, Claudius was as much a student of typeface design as he was a typeface designer. His first drawings were basically experimentations – pushing characters to their limits, discovering how subtle, and not so subtle, modifications might change the demeanor of the design.

“Fortunately, typeface design is a field in which things don’t move all that rapidly,” Claudius observes. “Although, of course there are always fashions and fads. The most positive aspect for me is that I have matured along with the typeface.” Thanks to breaks in the development process, Claudius was able to cast a fresh critical eye over his work.

Yalta Sans

As it happened, the most challenging part of the design development came almost at the end of the process. “When I first showed the typeface to Monotype, I thought it was more or less complete,” Claudius reflects. “However, it turned out that additional intermediate weights were required. And the personality of the typeface needed to be made more consistent across the various members of the family.”

These realizations meant that Claudius would need to redraw the entire family (with the help of an intern designer and digital design tools) and then completely revise the italic styles to complement the new romans. The final result is a strikingly handsome design that blends diverse sensibilities into a remarkably versatile and extremely legible typeface family.

Click here to learn more about – and to license – the Yalta Sans family.

Allan Haley
Allan Haley is Director of Words & Letters at Monotype Imaging. Here he is responsible for strategic planning and creative implementation of just about everything related to typeface designs.

by Ryan Arruda

Happy New Year everybody!

As we march into 2014, we wanted to look back at some of our favorite releases from last year. Our most recent newsletter presents a roundup of designs that really knocked our typographic socks off. As a bonus, many of the families feature 30% off their complete family packs until January 10th. So you have to act fast!



Laura Worthington’s delightfully expansive Charcuterie collection — this family features a bevy of complementary styles and ornaments, 22 in total. It’s a great choice for adding a vintage, eclectic, and charming edge to your designs.

Metro Nova


The expertly crafted humanist sans Metro Nova family — Toshi Omagari’s expert update to a classic W.A. Dwiggins design released by Linotype.



The Xenois superfamily designed by Erik Faulhaber; consisting of 6 distinct styles — each with five weights and matching italics — this collection provides a comprehensive typographic system, at ease with tackling the most demanding branding or publication design projects. Save 30% off each of the complete subfamily packs: Xenois Sans, Xenois Serif, Xenois Slab, Xenois Semi, Xenois Soft, and Xenois Super.

We’re also featuring 30% off discounts on the complete family packs of the Avenir Next Rounded, Espuma Pro, Excritura, Grey Sans, Capita, Ciutadella families too!

These discounts will only last until this Friday, January 10th. Be sure to check them out and take advantage of some awesome deals!

by Ryan Arruda

Here’s a listing of the top 100 most used fonts from the Web Fonts service for December 2013:

Neue Helvetica
Avenir Next
Trade Gothic
Proxima Nova
Gill Sans
ITC Franklin Gothic
Linotype Univers
Sabon Next
DIN Next
Century Gothic
VAG Rounded
Museo Sans
Gill Sans Infant
ITC Caslon No. 224
Eurostile LT
Neo Sans
Univers Next
ITC Avant Garde Gothic
Museo Slab
Neue Helvetica eText
ITC Legacy Serif
ITC Century
ITC Lubalin Graph
Diverda Serif
Motoya Birch
Neue Frutiger
ITC Legacy Square Serif
Swiss 721
ITC Bodoni Six
Trade Gothic Next
Helvetica World
Brandon Grotesque
ITC Officina Serif
Soho Gothic
ITC Conduit
Frutiger Next
ITC Charter
Comic Strip
Linotype Didot
ITC Officina Sans
VAG Rundschrift
PMN Caecilia
Zapf Humanist 601
Alternate Gothic
ITC Fenice
Trade Gothic Next Soft Rounded
Bodoni LT
Monotype News Gothic
Adobe Garamond
Rotis Sans Serif
ITC American Typewriter
Bookman Old Style
Neue Helvetica Arabic
Humanist 777
Droid Sans Mono
ITC American Typewriter Hellenic
ITC Eras
Linotype Sketch
Bickham Script
ITC Stone Informal
Egyptienne F
Sackers Gothic
Miss Donna
Greyton Script
Sugar Pie
Caslon Classico
Droid Serif

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