Bill Davis

Bill Davis has over thirty years experience in the graphic arts and font software industry. He has a unique ability to grasp technologies and their potential impact from both a hands-on and big picture perspective.

After graduating from RIT with a Printing Management degree, Bill worked in sales for a variety of typesetting and pre-press systems companies, including Information International Inc., ImagiTex and Multi-Ad Services. He also established a consulting and training business focused on implementing Mac-based desktop publishing and advertising systems before joining Monotype Typography in 1991. Bill left Agfa Monotype in 2004 to help co-found Ascender Corporation. On Dec 8, 2010 Bill rejoined the Monotype team as part of the acquisition of Ascender by Monotype Imaging.

When not at the office or online he is either at home with his wife and two girls, or outside enjoying a variety of activities from fly fishing to swimming & cycling.

Twitter: @bdfont

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