Saad D. Abulhab

Saad D AbulhabActive Arabic type designer, IT Director, librarian, and researcher. He was born in Sacramento, CA, in 1958 and was raised in Baghdad, Iraq, before moving to New York in 1979. Saad D. Abulhab holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Information Technology and Library Science. For more than a decade he worked as an Arabic, science, and business librarian for New York Public Library and is currently an adjunct Librarian in New York University. In the past thirteen years he was a library IT director for the City University of New York. His involvement in Arabic type design and computing dates back to 1992. In the year 2000, he introduced the US Utility Patent awarded Mutamathil Type Style, a breakthrough Arabic type design model and template. In 2003, he founded Arabetics, a private foundry and consulting firm specializing in Arabic and related Arabetic font design and typographic software solutions. Arabetics main mission is to introduce Arabic fonts that diversify and enrich Arabic users typographic options and address the Arabic script, and related Arabetic scripts, challenges of literacy, education, economics, technology, global competition, as well as style and legibility. Mr. Abulhab writes frequently in scholarly journals about the Arabic script typography, computing, and history. He was awarded several research grants and is working on a comprehensive book on the Arabic script.

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