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by Alan Tam

Designing with Web fonts in Photoshop software has never been easier with the Web Fonts extension. This product was born out of the creative challenge of integrating and designing with Web fonts in your creative process. Having the right fonts available is both critical and a time saver for your creative workflow. You will no longer need to spend countless hours creating various resolutions of text images or resorting to those dreaded, uninspiring Web safe fonts when designing proofs and prototypes.

Easily preview and design with over 20,000 typefaces from Web fonts directly in Adobe Photoshop

Now in beta, the Web Fonts extension is accessible directly within your Photoshop canvas where you can apply font styles to your selected text layer. The extension syncs with the projects and fonts in your account to bring your favorite fonts to your Photoshop environment. You can also browse the font gallery and add new fonts to your project directly within the extension. The extension will automatically sync with your online account to ensure that your projects and fonts are available as well.

Should you need to take your creative development offline, the extension enables you to access and apply Web fonts that have been added to your projects in a disconnected environment!

When your creative proof or prototype is ready for production, simply publish your project from your account online. Best of all, the extension beta is free with your Web Fonts account. Learn how you can get started today!

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by Johnathan Zsittnik

Design is at a critical inflection point as a practice, thought process and force for change. “Pivot,” this year’s AIGA Design Conference, in Phoenix (October 13–16) will explore the shifts prompting this change – and help prepare its more than 1,500 attendees for the complexities of the future.

Three intensive days of inspiring speakers, practical workshops and in-depth discussions, will provide perspective on the changing design industry and actionable insights on how to increase value to clients and how to improve business prospects. Monotype Imaging is proud to be part of what should be an extraordinary experience.

We will be one of the major sponsors of Command X: Season 3, a design reality show featuring seven up-and-coming designers, all under the age of 26, who step into the spotlight and have the chance to break into the industry in front of peers, heroes and potential employers. Throughout the conference, contestants will take on a series of design challenges to complete and present on the main stage within 24 hours. The Linotype® Originals OpenType Library (valued at $12,000) will be one of the main prizes.

Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Monotype Imaging will deliver a presentation titled Bach, Fonts and Rock ‘n’ Roll on Friday afternoon.

Typography is often inspired by great music – from Bach to Springsteen and scores of musicians in between. Both typography and music can be classical, improvisational, raucous, lyrical, offbeat, soothing or loud. They also share some basic concepts: counterpoint, rhythm, syncopation, dissonance and harmony. Haley’s presentation will pair the work of Charlie Parker, Green Day, Mozart, Buddy Guy and more, with award-winning typography their music could have inspired. Great typography that has roots in music will be analyzed, scrutinized and decoded. Attendees will learn why, and how, music can be the perfect catalyst for creating typography that sings with magnetism and verve.

Later that evening, Haley will also deliver his Type Quiz. This year’s quiz will have all new questions – and it will be even more fun and rewarding than ever before. There will be more prizes and a series of questions for those that don’t care that five-point type was once called “pearl.” And, if you know your typographic stuff, winning the varsity section will score you the grand prize of the complete Linotype® Originals OpenType Library of more than 1,700 fonts and “Typophile of the Year” bragging rights. In addition, over 60 other cool prizes – from t-shirts to books, to type pillows, to complete typeface families – will be given out to just about anyone who knows Bodoni from second-base.

On Saturday morning, Eli Wilkie and Carl Crossgrove, of Monotype Imaging, will lead the Building Brand in the Digital Age: Web Font Services workshop.

Technology brings collective challenges of building, maintaining, growing and delivering a unified customer experience. A task made increasingly more complex and demanding by real-time advances and multi-channel interactions. Building and maintaining brand awareness has never been more difficult and complex.

This workshop will show attendees how to deliver richer communications with Web typography using Web fonts, including how to select fonts and manage layout across different platforms and browsers.

Johnathan Zsittnik
Johnathan Zsittnik is the eCommerce Marketing Manager at Monotype Imaging. Johnathan holds both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from Bentley University.

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