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by Alan Tam

Designing with Web fonts in Photoshop software has never been easier with the Web Fonts extension. This product was born out of the creative challenge of integrating and designing with Web fonts in your creative process. Having the right fonts available is both critical and a time saver for your creative workflow. You will no longer need to spend countless hours creating various resolutions of text images or resorting to those dreaded, uninspiring Web safe fonts when designing proofs and prototypes.

Easily preview and design with over 20,000 typefaces from Web fonts directly in Adobe Photoshop

Now in beta, the Web Fonts extension is accessible directly within your Photoshop canvas where you can apply font styles to your selected text layer. The extension syncs with the projects and fonts in your account to bring your favorite fonts to your Photoshop environment. You can also browse the font gallery and add new fonts to your project directly within the extension. The extension will automatically sync with your online account to ensure that your projects and fonts are available as well.

Should you need to take your creative development offline, the extension enables you to access and apply Web fonts that have been added to your projects in a disconnected environment!

When your creative proof or prototype is ready for production, simply publish your project from your account online. Best of all, the extension beta is free with your Web Fonts account. Learn how you can get started today!

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by Chris Roberts

Today we announced the Web Fonts API (application programming interface). The API is intended to allow developers to exercise the capabilities of the Web Fonts portal from within their own applications.

Perhaps the best example is within a Content Management System (CMS). The natural place for Web font styling to occur is directly within the Web content authoring tool. Right now I am authoring this blog post within the WordPress® platform. With the Web Fonts API, a WordPress plug-in can be developed to style text directly within the WordPress UI, just as a user would do within any desktop publishing application. Actually…we did just that. To demonstrate the power and range of capabilities that the API offers, we created plug-ins, modules and extensions for three of the most commonly used CMS platforms…WordPress®, Drupal® and Joomla!®. We have issued them as Open Source, so they can be used freely, improved and extended.

We can’t wait to see what folks create with the API. Information about the Web Fonts API, as well as the WordPress, Drupal and Joomla plug-ins, modules and extensions can be found here:

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