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by Bill Davis Web Fonts continues to expand our collection of prestigious and important typefaces. Today we are pleased to announce the addition of 376 Web fonts from the URW++ Font Collection.

URW++ now available at web fontsURW++ is based in Hamburg, Germany and has a rich history in digital typeface manufacturing. The URW++ font collection features an impressive range of original and licensed fonts of historical importance, and a diverse palette of font styles for designers to choose from. This initial set of fonts represents some of the most popular fonts in the URW++ collection:

The Corporate™ A, Corporate™ S and Corporate™ E typeface series was originally designed by Prof. Kurt Weidemann as a set of corporate branding typefaces for Mercedes-Benz (Daimler). This trilogy of fonts covers serif, sans serif and slab serif designs, and includes a wide range of typefaces styles — including small caps options — and extensive language support.
Corporate ASE web fonts
The Nimbus Sans Novus™ family is a versatile sans serif workhorse. It is based on the original drawings from Linotype’s Stempel type foundry.

The URW Garamond™ design is a beautiful take on this classic typeface family. Developed by the URW Studio in 1983, URW Garamond has an extensive range of weights to choose from.

We will continue to add URW fonts in the coming weeks. If there are any URW fonts in particular that you would like to see us offer, please let us know!

by Allan Haley

Volume Eleven of U&lc is chock full of great examples of typographic design, calligraphy and illustration. In addition, the first commercial typeface of Jovica Veljovic was announced in Volume Eleven Number One and ITC released its first typeface that was the result of a collaboration of artistry and technology in Volume Eleven Number Four.

Jovica Veljovic was living in the former Yugoslavia when Aaron Burns, the president of ITC, met him. Upon seeing the young calligrapher’s work, Burns immediately realized that he was in the presence of exceptional talent and encouraged Veljovic to take up typeface design. The ITC Veljovic™ typeface family was first of many he drew for ITC. In his storied career, Veljovic went on to develop typefaces for Adobe and Linotype. Although he spends much of his time today teaching typography and type design near his home in Hamburg, Veljovic continues to add to his body of work. Monotype Imaging has recently made his newest designs, the ITC New Esprit™, Libelle™ and Veljovic Script™ typefaces, available.

The release of the ITC Leawood™ family was another milestone for ITC. It was the first ITC typeface design where software technology played an important role in the development process. Canadian designer Leslie Usherwood had drawn only a few italic and roman characters for Leawood before his fatal heart attack in 1983. Designers at Usherwood’s studio, however, were able to complete a basic character set in light and bold weights of the family. ITC turned these renderings over to URW, a German firm that developed one of the first digital font production technologies. With close design direction by ITC, URW’s technicians, using the company’s Ikarus™ software, finalized the four-weight family of ITC Leawood.

With articles on William Dwiggins, Frederic Goudy, Eric Gill and John Baskerville, my “Typographic Milestone” series was also in full swing in Volume Eleven. During the next few years, over a dozen more biographical sketches of significant contributors to the typographic arts were added to the series.

Click the PDFs below to find out what else was in U&lc Volume Eleven.

Low Resolution:

Volume 11–1 (Low Res).pdf (14.3 MB)

Volume 11–2 (Low Res).pdf (13.8 MB)

Volume 11–3 (Low Res).pdf (19.6 MB)

Volume 11–4 (Low Res).pdf (15.1 MB)

High Resolution:

Volume 11–1.pdf (76.9 MB)

Volume 11–2.pdf (50.2 MB)

Volume 11–3.pdf (88.7 MB)

Volume 11–4.pdf (70.8 MB)

Allan Haley
Allan Haley is Director of Words & Letters at Monotype Imaging. Here he is responsible for strategic planning and creative implementation of just about everything related to typeface designs.


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