Web Fonts Adds CSS Sucker and Import/Export Features


Chris Roberts in Archive on November 9, 2010

We are focused on providing Web Fonts users with the best font selection, best language support, and best work flow solution. Today we introduced two new features, based on patent pending technology, aimed at improving the Web Fonts work flow. Our new “CSS Sucker™” and “Import/Export Project” features can be accessed by clicking on the “Import/Export” text link located at the top of the “Work on style sheet” page.

CSS Sucker
If you’ve created a Web fonts project, then you know the most time consuming step is adding CSS selectors. Uncovering all of the selectors hidden in existing CSS/HTML files can be a difficult task, especially if you’re using templates created by others. Then there is always the potential for human error as you hand key selectors into your project. What you really need is an automated tool that can suck in the selectors from your exiting CSS/HTML. Enter the CSS Sucker.

The CSS Sucker lets you automatically load into your project CSS selectors used in existing CSS/HTML files. Enter a URL or upload a CSS file, click the “Import” button, and the CSS Sucker will pull in and display your selectors. Next, simply choose the selectors that you want to use and click the “Add to Style Sheet” button. Click, click and done.

Import/Export Projects
When we were testing Web Fonts, we found that we often needed to reproduce the same projects in several different accounts. After doing this by hand a number of times, we realized that it was not a very fun activity, and prone to human error. We thought that our customers might end up facing the same challenge within their development and client/customer work flow environments. This was the impetus behind our “Import/Export Project” feature.

Released today, the Import/Export Project feature enables a quick and easy method for duplicating Web Font projects across multiple accounts.

Each project is assigned a unique “token”. A token can be used to import a project into any Web Fonts account.  The process is very simple. Paste the token into a field and hit one button. That’s it. Fool proof.

One interesting possible use of the Import/Export feature is theme/token pairings. Theme creators can distribute Web Fonts “import tokens” with their theme templates so that theme users can quickly and easily implement the web font component of the theme. Combine this with the recently announced Web Fonts affiliate program and theme designers could realize a new revenue stream.

We think these new feature will be huge time savers. Please comment below and let us know what you think.

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