A Conversation on Type, Brand and the User Experience


Vikki Quick in Archive on February 15, 2011

Tech Talk’s Craig Peterson sat down with us at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. The hot topic was fonts, of course, but the discussion went far beyond that. Certainly, fonts are a major key to brand expression, which nowadays is conveyed not only in print and on mobile devices, but also increasingly on the displays of washing machines, ovens and other appliances. Through their built-in user interfaces, every device has the potential to bring powerfully rich user experiences to consumers. And the degree to which brand equity is successfully reinforced also depends on the quality of those user experiences.

As a developer or designer, how can you make sure your product delivers a “brand perfect” experience? Listen as Monotype Imaging’s Ken Soohoo and Dave Gould provide detail. Even on smaller, memory-constrained systems, achieving a user experience that is dynamic, enjoyable and brand expressive is more realistic and cost effective than ever before.

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