Customer Spotlight: Seesmic


Johnathan Zsittnik in Archive on May 23, 2011

Do you find yourself retweeting your own tweets from other Twitter accounts, uploading shots of your latest Foursquare finds to your Flickr account or  friending your LinkedIn contacts? If your collection of social network accounts is a network in and of itself, you may consider Seesmic – a handy service for managing your presence on the social Web.

With a service aimed at helping companies manage their brand and its many touchpoints, it should be no surprise that Seesmic manages its own brand with precision. The company’s dominant logotype is built with the Trade Gothic® Bold typeface. stays on-brand with a clean, open layout that relies on an assortment of weights of Trade Gothic for headlines and body copy, courtesy of Web Fonts. and Web Fonts

Johnathan Zsittnik
Johnathan Zsittnik is the eCommerce Marketing Manager at Monotype Imaging. Johnathan holds both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from Bentley University.

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