Top 100 Web Fonts for May 2011


Chris Roberts in Archive on June 15, 2011

It’s that time again. Here’s a ranked listing of Web Fonts‘ most used Web fonts for May 2011:

Neue Helvetica® 87 Condensed Heavy
Administer BookItalic
Helvetica® Condensed Bold
Garamond 3 Regular
Garamond 3 Italic
Neue Helvetica® 77 Condensed Bold
Neue Helvetica® 35 Thin
Sackers™ Gothic Heavy
Sackers™ Gothic Medium
Univers® 57 Condensed
Neue Helvetica® 57 Condensed
Trade Gothic® Bold
Neue Helvetica® 45 Light
Futura® Bold
Futura® Medium
Avenir® 85 Heavy
Avenir® 65 Medium
Neue Helvetica® 67 Condensed Medium
ITC Legacy® Serif Bold Italic
Futura® Book
Trade Gothic® Condensed Bold 20
Neue Helvetica® 47 Condensed Light
Trade Gothic® Roman
Neue Helvetica® 57 Condensed, Ext
Neue Helvetica® 55 Roman
Avenir® 45 Book
Neue Helvetica® 67 Condensed Medium, Ext
Neue Helvetica® 37 Condensed Thin
Helvetica® Condensed Bold, Ext
Monotype Grotesque® Condensed
Neue Frutiger® Light
DIN Next™ Regular
Neue Helvetica® 77 Condensed Bold, Ext
Trade Gothic® Next Regular
Neue Frutiger® Medium
Neue Frutiger® Regular
Rockwell® Bold
VAG Rounded™ Black
Neue Helvetica® 75 Bold, Ext
DIN Next™ Light
Felbridge™ Regular
Helvetica® Roman, Ext
DIN Next™ Medium
Neue Helvetica® 65 Medium
Neue Helvetica® 75 Bold
Alternate Gothic No 1
Helvetica® Bold, Ext
Futura® Light Oblique
Avenir® 35 Light
DIN 1451 Engschrift
ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Book
Trade Gothic® Next Condensed Bold
Trade Gothic® Light
DIN Next™ Bold, Ext
Helvetica® Condensed, Ext
Helvetica® Narrow Regular, Ext
Trade Gothic® Condensed Bold #20, Ext
Frutiger® 55 Roman
Helvetica® Narrow Bold, Ext
Futura® Bold, Ext
Neue Helvetica® 55 Roman, Ext
Neue Helvetica® 65 Medium, Ext
Eurostile® Next Semi Bold, Ext
Trade Gothic® Extended Bold
Eurostile® Next Regular
Eurostile® Next Extended Semibold
Eurostile® Next Extended Regular
Eurostile® Next Extended Bold
Frutiger® 65 Bold
ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Medium
Neue Helvetica® 47 Condensed Light, Ext
ITC Franklin™ Light
VAG Rounded™ Bold
ITC Franklin™ Bold
Neue Helvetica® 45 Light, Ext
Futura® Heavy
Neo® Sans Medium
Neo® Sans Regular
Futura® Bold Condensed
Calisto Regular
Linotype Feltpen™ Medium
ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Bold
Avenir® 95 Black
Helvetica® Condensed
Neue Frutiger® Book
Neue Helvetica® 86 Heavy Italic
Futura® Medium Condensed
Soho® Gothic Light
Frutiger® 45 Light
Neue Frutiger® Bold
Trade Gothic® Condensed 18
Avenir® 35 Light, Ext
Neo® Sans Regular, Ext
Helvetica® Light, Ext
PMN Caecilia® 55 Roman
ITC Avant Garde Gothic® Demi
Neuzeit® Office Soft Rounded Regular, Ext
Jump™ Regular, Ext
Helvetica® Rounded Condensed Bold
PMN Caecilia® 75 Bold

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