Customer Spotlight: Toblerone


Johnathan Zsittnik in Archive on July 13, 2011

Chocolate, mountains, diplomacy, tiny utility knives and fonts. Ah Switzerland. How can a country so small be synonymous with so many things? shines a light on two of Switzerland’s most famous exports: The Toblerone® candy bar and the Helvetica® typeface. The site allows visitors to celebrate everything they love about the confection by uploading video clips, pictures or stories. Each contribution adds a trademark triangular chunk to an already massive candy bar on the front page. Headlines and body copy appear in Helvetica Condensed.

To date, the site has received more than 1,200 contributions. Celebrate Switzerland by adding yours today. Then grab a tiny utility knife and cut yourself off a triangle!

MyToblerone Website using Web fonts

Johnathan Zsittnik
Johnathan Zsittnik is the eCommerce Marketing Manager at Monotype Imaging. Johnathan holds both a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from Bentley University.

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