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Mark Larson in Archive on September 14, 2011

Fonts.com Web Fonts is committed to providing the largest and widest selection of Web fonts available, which is why we are continually adding to our already impressive collection. Today, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve added a number of new collections that provide hundreds of new fonts to our Web Font Service. The new collections are:
Calligraphics – The foundry of California-based designer Paul Veres, featuring Gargoyle, a friendly display face.

MyChristie – The collection of UK-based illustrator and typeface designer Christie Podioti that includes Noisetoy, an experimental display design with a touch of art deco.

PeGGo Fonts – Founded in 2002 by Pedro González. Their font Legan follows the classical Trajan pattern, including Greek Trajan uppercase letters used at Trajan’s Column.

PintassilgoPrints – Features the works of Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung, whose typefaces are drawn to have a handmade feel. The Amarelinha handwriting font is condensed and casual in appearance.

Sardiez – Independent type foundry run by Sergio Ramírez, whose interest in type design is fueled by the possibilities that can be achieved through typographic experimentation. Systopie, a family of four typefaces, is a squared sans design with a futuristic look.

Suomi – The foundry of Tomi Haaparanta, who is recognized for his typefaces offered through Linotype, Monotype, ITC, and T-26. His Titillation design works well for titling and in display settings where space is at a premium.

Grummedia – Features the designs of Graham Blakelock, including Fifteen 36, a design inspired by 16th century Venetian roman book texts.

Ray Cruz – An independent designer, his Bandolera typeface is a curvaceous display face designed to compliment Cruz’s Bandolero design.

Boover Software – New releases from Boover include a series of fraction fonts.

Nice Price Font Collection – A selection of fun and expressive designs with affordable desktop versions available.

We’ve also added new fonts to our Monotype, Linotype and ITC collections:
Monotype Imaging – New additions include Augusta, an elegant calligraphic design drawn by Julius de Goede.

Linotype – Includes additional typefaces from some of Linotype’s most popular families, such as Helvetica, Neue Frutiger Cyrillic and an Arabic version of DIN Next.

ITC – The ITC Adderville typeface includes rounded stroke ends and a skewed baseline contact that creates an illusion of dancing feet.

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