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Matt Brinkerhoff

Matt Brinkerhoff in Archive on October 4, 2011

Earlier this year, we expanded the Affiliate Program to commission affiliates who refer paid subscriptions to our Web Fonts service. Based on the enthusiastic response, we’ve expanded the program once again with a new ways for affiliates to generate commissions: now affiliates will receive $1 USD for every free plan subscription they refer.  If you are an existing affiliate, you don’t need to change anything to take advantage of these new terms. Your existing links will track all orders on both and Web Fonts (

Those interested in joining the Affiliate Program can sign up here. Upon joining, you’d discover a large variety of creative, from simple text links, to banner ads, to a comprehensive datafeed of our entire catalog that can be incorporated into your product search results.

Here’s a quick look at the products and services in the program and their corresponding commissions:

  • Desktop Font Purchase on – 15% of total transaction
  • Web Fonts 30 day subscription – 50% of initial transaction
  • Web Fonts annual subscription – 5% of  initial transaction
  • Web Fonts Free subscription – $1 USD

We’re very excited to extend this opportunity to both our new and existing affiliates! Learn more about the Web Fonts Affiliate Program.

Matt Brinkerhoff
Matt Brinkerhoff holds a bachelor’s degree in E-Business from Champlain College and has experience in user experience, multivariate testing, design and Web development. Through his work as a freelance designer, Matt developed an affinity for typography years before joining the team.

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