Now Serving Over 15,000 Web Fonts


Bill Davis in Archive on December 9, 2011

Over 15,000 Web fonts served!Am I the only one old enough to remember when McDonald’s used to have signs showing the number of burgers served? They actually had someone go up on a ladder to change that number! Those were the days…

The Web Font Service just surpassed a major milestone, as now we are pleased to offer over 15,000 Web fonts!

But this new release  is not just about the number of fonts, but rather the impressive range of high-quality typefaces from our many type foundry partners. This new release includes fabulous script and display fonts, important text font families and additional multilingual fonts supporting Extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek.

Our hat’s off to the Web font production team on reaching this milestone! Developing Web fonts is a painstaking process that involves a lot of manual effort to prepare and proof each Web font as part of our rigorous Quality Assurance process. Every Web font is “hinted” for optimal display on screen through our proprietary tools, subsetted into various language options to reduce their file size and then reviewed in various browsers and operating systems.

This new update features a wide range of popular fonts from an impressive array of type foundries including:

We invite you to explore our catalog today and see the extensive, growing collection of Web fonts.



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