Valentine's Day Gifts with a Typographic Twist

Matt Brinkerhoff

Matt Brinkerhoff in Archive on February 8, 2012

If your lover gets more excited by contextual alternates than flowers and chocolate, take a look at these design-oriented gifts this Valentine’s Day. Guaranteed to tighten the kerning between you and your mate.

LOVE Print by Robert IndianaLOVE Print by Robert Indiana
Robert Indiana’s iconic “LOVE” image has appeared all over, most notably in Philadelphia’s JFK Plaza. The image, featuring hand-drawn letters inspired by Linotype’s Clarendon Bold has become ubiquitous with the word ‘Love’ throughout the world.
Shop Robert Indiana’s LOVE Print from MOMA


Typographic Rugs from Linus DeanTypographic Rugs by Linus Dean
While conventional wisdom states that giving a rug as a Valentine’s Day gift may leave you in the doghouse, give these Typographic Rugs a look. Fans of vintage typography, hand-drawn scripts and strong sans serif fonts are about to discover they can do much better than the bear skin rug.
Shop Typographic Rugs from Linus Dean


Designer Temporary Tattoos from Designer Temporary Tattoos represents a collaboration between Tina Roth Eisenberg of SwissMiss Design and various designers to create temporary tattoos you’d actually consider putting on your body (no offense to the vending machines at the supermarket).’s Love and Hug let you wear your heart on your sleeve. Perfect for those afraid of commitment!
Shop Designer Temporary Tattoos from


Typocolate by DynamoTypocolate
I know, I know. Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is as cliché as it gets. That said, Dynamo’s typographic chocolate straddles the line between gourmet candy and art. With two designs available, these 240g bars of dark or milk chocolate are sure to please even the most jaded Valentine’s Day veterans.
Shop Typocolate from Dynamo


Hardwood Typography by the LetterHardwood Typography by the Letter
This wouldn’t be a post for designers without the chance to create your own Valentine’s Day gift. Craftcuts offers hardwood typography by the letter, in your choice of woods & typefaces. With some careful typographic consideration, a designer can create a thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift. And hey, you can use them to keep the fireplace going if they aren’t well received.
Shop Hardwood Typography from CraftCuts

Matt Brinkerhoff
Matt Brinkerhoff holds a bachelor’s degree in E-Business from Champlain College and has experience in user experience, multivariate testing, design and Web development. Through his work as a freelance designer, Matt developed an affinity for typography years before joining the team.

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