Dynamic Subsetting For Dynamic Content


Alan Tam in Archive on March 27, 2012

One of the best things about my job is being able to engage with all of you, our customers and partners, to better understand your business and how we at Monotype Imaging can deliver not only the IP, but also the technology to help you succeed. One trend that has really taken off the past few months is the extension of branded digital content, especially dynamic and context aware content, to mobile platforms and multiple languages. However, this creates new challenges for both your development and delivery workflows.

By now, most of you have (hopefully) heard about our patent-pending dynamic subsetting technology that helps brands improve the performance and user experience when using Web fonts. Initially developed to reduce the larger file sizes of Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts, dynamic subsetting automatically detects and delivers a Web font containing only the characters needed to render the page, thus dramatically reducing font file size. Smaller font files translate to faster speeds, performance and load times of your content which in turn results in superior customer experiences – especially when that content is delivered to mobile devices over mobile networks.

While Fonts.com Web Fonts has used dynamic subsetting for all of our East Asian fonts since its inception in 2010, we’d like to explore implementing the technology for other languages and use cases including mobile targeted content, dynamic branded content, social apps or rich media ads. With that, I’d like to extend to you a cordial invitation to check out our new dynamic subsetting demo site at www.fontsubsetter.com.

P.S. – For an even more dramatic experience, try it out on your tablet or mobile phone!

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