Customer Spotlight: YMCA of Greater New York


Ryan Arruda in Archive on May 30, 2012

Nearly 160 years old, the YMCA of Greater New York provides programs for children, adults – and every age in between – to promote community as well as inspire healthy living for all its members.

The YMCA of Greater New York’s website features the Cachet typeface family, utilizing the bold and book weights for headlines as well as a myriad of subheads. The site also reflects the most current visual identity of the national YMCA organization, in which Cachet is also employed for the wordmark.

The masthead of the The YMCA of Greater New York’s site features both book and bold weights of Cachet side-by-side. The bright colorways help amplify Cachet’s kindly letterforms, which are strong yet temperate. The tightly tracked, all-capital slogan showcases the robust sturdiness of the face, while the title case book weight text provides a quieter, but quite legible, visual presence. In addition to book and bold weights, the Cachet typeface family is available in a medium weight as well.

While Cachet certainly possesses a modern, geometric DNA, it appears cutting edge without appearing sterile or oppressively mechanical. The typeface is quite apt for an organization like the The YMCA of Greater New York  which has – and continues to – adapt and support the needs of its community with each successive generation.YMCA of Greater New York

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