Type Designer Q&A


Ryan Arruda in Archive on June 19, 2012

Type Designer Q&A

With over a dozen of his typefaces available on Fonts.com, Carl Crossgrove crafts intelligent designs which possess decidedly unique – as well as varied – personalities. His recently released Biome typeface family, which Carl describes as “both futuristic and organic, with a sense of calm,” is available in 46 varieties and is quickly rising on the Fonts.com New Best Sellers List.

Carl recently shared with us insight into his design practice:

Favorite text on typography or design
Fine Print On Type

Favorite era of design history
Right now!

Pursuits outside of type design
Architecture, gardening, industrial design.

Typefaces folks might know you for
Mundo Sans, Beorcana, Biome, Curlz

Shortest time a typeface has taken to design
2 Weeks.

Longest a typeface has taken to design
14 Years.

Carl Crossgrove Typeface Designs

Habitually challenging glyph to design
Ampersand. But it’s also a lot of fun.

Your typeface families that pair especially well
Mundo and Beorcana.

Favorite examples of your typefaces in use
Mundo used in Swedish Gourmet magazine;
Reliq carved into pumpkins for a music event.

Common personality of your typefaces
There is always a pen-written influence.

Aspiring type designers should possess
Infinite patience, limitless attention to detail.

Endeavors which hone type design skills
Figure drawing, multilingual literacy, other industrial design –  especially automotive.

Most underrated letterform/glyph
h. Sits right next to g, who gets all the attention. But h does so many jobs, and so well! Sometimes they collaborate, as in ghost.

Most egregious typographic error in common practice today
Non-proportional scaling to solve a design problem.

Recommended online design resources
I Love Typography, Typophile, Grain Edit, Core77


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