Customer Spotlight: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra


Ryan Arruda in Archive on July 24, 2012

Established over a century ago, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra performs to over a quarter-million patrons annually. Their website features the ITC Avant Garde Gothic typeface family for headlines, subheads, and navigation, utilizing bold, demi bold, and medium weights.

While folks might perceive a symphony—especially one founded in 1906—as apt to have gilded aesthetics, the use of geometric sans-serif typefaces from the ITC Avant Garde Gothic family reinforces the clean, and decidedly contemporary website.

Employing the bold weight of ITC Avant Garde Gothic family for headlines—overlaid on large images—provides a nice swell of typographic presence. Furthermore, having the serifed Georgia typeface family as companion body text provides a handsome balance of geometric and traditional letterforms. The aesthetic of the website is both well crafted and pleasant, yet, above all, approachable…an ethos that the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra seems to strive for.

The ITC Avant Garde Gothic family is available in 13 styles through the Web Fonts service, as well as 23 desktop varieties.



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