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Ryan Arruda in Archive on November 29, 2012

Located in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, The Hamilton Wood Type Museum is an exceptional collection of printing history. Including over a million pieces of wood type in its care, the museum features a fully functioning studio not only for printing with wood type but also for creating it as well.

However, the museum is unexpectedly being forced from its present home. Perhaps needing to vacate its space in less than three months, this is both a monumental physical and financial feat – your help is urgently needed to assure the museum can continue its mission as a bulwark of typographic history.

One of the many delights the archive provides is that it is indeed a living museum; not simply host to relics to be looked upon, the museum fosters a deeper understanding of the forebears of contemporary type by conducting workshops for artists and scholars alike. Such opportunities of hands-on, tactile experimenting with type cultivates not only an appreciation for the true craftsmanship involved in type design, but also a respect for those vibrant analog methods of making.

Whether you are a designer, a typographic enthusiast, or simply intrigued by printing history, please consider supporting the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in its time of need. Your donations will help to assure that the museum can preserve its rich artifacts, and safely relocate to a new home. More importantly, your donation will help to further facilitate the study, appreciation, and utilization of wood type, a true treasure of design history and practice. Click here to donate and learn more.

Ryan Arruda
Ryan Arruda is the Web Content Strategist at Monotype Imaging. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Clark University, and an MFA in graphic design from RISD.

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