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Johnathan Zsittnik in News on July 8, 2014

Just over a year ago, we debuted our Master level Web Fonts plans. These plans offer our broadest range of benefits including millions of pageviews and our Typecast design app. But the keystone is unlimited desktop fonts. This feature was inspired by the knowledge that most of our customers design for both print and the Web, and that Web designers rely on tools traditionally used for print. Today, the desktop font feature has proven to be incredibly popular among Master subscribers—in fact, many of you on our other plans have shown interest in having it available as well. Starting today, you can!

Add Unlimited Desktop Fonts

Standard and Pro subscribers can now add unlimited desktop fonts to their existing subscriptions. This is a great option for those designing for print and the Web, but don’t have the traffic to justify moving all the way up to the Master plan. Boost any new or existing subscription for an additional $50 per month (or a little less for annual or three year plans). At the cost of 1-2 fonts, we hope you’ll agree that this is a great value.

The feature operates just like our Master subscriptions. Fonts are distributed through our SkyFonts client—the original desktop font syncing utility. Browse through our selection of more than 7,000 amazing designs from top foundries—including Monotype, Linotype, ITC, Bitstream, Ascender and others—and sync fonts on up to five workstations. When you see one you like, click the ‘add to SkyFonts’ button and SkyFonts will install the font for you. Repeat as often as you like. Fonts are licensed similar to traditional fonts, giving you an unparalleled range of assets for creating logos, imagery and more.

To add unlimited desktop font to a Standard or Pro subscription, visit our Plans & Pricing page, select the ‘Include unlimited desktop fonts’ button and click ‘update my plan’ or ‘subscribe now.’ If you have an existing subscription, we’ll sync up your billing so you’ll receive only one charge each billing period. We think you’ll love this new option, but if its not for you or you no longer need it, you can cancel the desktop font add on at any time, and even retain your Web font subscription if you like. This is a great way to get access to an amazing library of fonts without making a major commitment up front.

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