New Hero Images for September 2014


Ryan Arruda in News on September 26, 2014

A favorite aspect of having a brand new blog design is that we can now further showcase some of the great content we regularly offer on

If you’re a regular visitor to you know that we prominently feature four large hero images on our homepage each month. These images provide the opportunity for us to work with leading designers and illustrators to show the typefaces we offer in a larger-than-life scale. So going forward, each month we’ll take a moment to profile the new hero images and the talented people behind them.

Magma II Hero Image

A new release from Stone Type Foundry, the Magma II collection is a striking update of Sumner Stone’s classic design. We asked Adam Trageser—who runs the Philadelphia-based Two Left Lettering Company—to craft the image for us. (Adam previously created a killer hero design for us earlier this year for the ITC Conduit family, which you should definitely check out.)

Featuring Renaissance thinker Michel de Montaigne, Adam’s new image showcases the versatility of the Magma II collection as an outstanding display and text face. What’s especially wonderful is that Adam highlighted the family’s flexibility while employing plenty of visual wit. The blue moustache? Glorious.

Check out the Magma II collection.

Sutro Deluxe Hero Image

Austin-based designer Bethany Heck was one of’s first hero designers when we overhauled our site a few years ago.

We’re glad to have her back, and she’s delivered a excellent piece to showcase Jim Parkinson’s Sutro Deluxe design. This new release is strongly built, and the family features inline and shadowed variations—which give designers great opportunities to create dimensional type settings. Bethany’s image is wrought from Sutro Deluxe’s industrial aesthetic, possessing a gorgeous blueprint-esque feel.

Head on over to the Sutro Deluxe family page to see it in action.

Industry Hero Image

It’s always nice to feature a hero image that’s created by the featured typeface’s designer. Mattox Shuler is an emerging force in the type design community, and his Fort Foundry (formerly known as Hold Fast Foundry) has produced a string of hits, including the Gin, Abolition, and Prohibition families.

Mattox’s image features his Industry family—the typeface collection’s namesake is quite appropriate indeed: the family’s sturdy, no-nonsense letterforms mean business.

See more examples of Industry in use on its family page.

Monotype News Gothic Hero Image

Rounding out September’s hero images is a design from Charleston, South Carolina-based Stitch Design Co, featuring the Monotype News Gothic family. This workhorse collection is ready for the challenge of both headline and caption use alike. Stitch’s design highlights those scale differences quite well—from the angled headline to the tiny tabled text—the family remains legible. The near-monotone image also helps to convey the understated—yet quite structural—profile of this Morris Fuller Benton classic. Take a look at the family now.

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We’ll see you next month with October’s new heroes. Interested in designing a hero image for us? Send us a link to your site or portfolio and we’ll talk!


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