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Ryan Arruda in News on September 25, 2015

In recent months, we’ve been excited to see more digital ads using Web fonts than ever before. To ease implementation of Web fonts from our own service into digital ads and express our support for this use, we’ve introduced changes to Web Fonts and updated our license agreement.

Achieving typographic continuity across websites and digital marketing campaigns has proven challenging for brands. Designers have been forced to incorporate static text within ads, which decidedly didn’t always look their typographic best, or rely on Flash which is rapidly losing browser support.

With HTML5 gaining momentum and becoming the standard for interactive advertising, incorporating great typography into digital ads—by utilizing Web fonts—is becoming a more beautiful, desirable, and now feasible option.

With more and more of our customers asking us how to use Web fonts within their digital ads, we’ve made some changes to the Web Fonts service to support the use case. We’ve revised our EULA to clarify our support for use of Web fonts within HTML-based ads.

We’ve also added functionality to help you overcome the challenges traditionally faced when trying to bring type in digital ads. In typical ad environments, resources are stored on ad servers. This has historically been problematic for the implementation of Web fonts, as services such as Web Fonts require users to enter the domain or IP address that the fonts will be served to. However, when building digital ads, users such as agencies or brands will not have this information.

Implementing Web fonts into your ads

Now, when building a Web font project for use in advertising, you can simply enter an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in your project’s domain settings. Using our self-hosting publishing option, you can now upload your assets to an ad server, or work with ad authoring tools such as Adcade, Flite or ResponsiveAds that support Web font uploads (thanks in part to the integration of the Monotype Web Font Platform).

Just as if you were using Web fonts on a website, ads served using Web fonts count toward your subscriptions’s monthly page view total.

It’s easy to start expanding the reach of your brand into digital ads by using your existing Web fonts subscription, so give it a try now! Think you’ll need more pageviews? Head on over to our Subscriptions page to make updates to your subscription.

We’d love to see how you’re utilizing our Web fonts in your digital marketing efforts, so let us know in the comments!

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