Ryan Arruda in News on November 9, 2015

You’ve waited over a year. The time is now. Sound the horns and raise the banners! #FONTACULAR. IS. BACK. Hold onto your hat, dearest reader, for you’re in store for five glorious days of epic typographic discounts! Let us dawdle no more, here’s some of what our first day of #Fontacular has waiting for you:

Avenir Next

Sally forth into the world of typographic delights with selections from Linotype’s Avenir Next type family. A collection based upon legendary designer Adrian Frutiger’s original typeface, pick up 8 styles of this dashing, Akira Kobayashi-expanded collection for the price of just $79.

Fontacular 2015 - Sabores Script

Or maybe you’re looking for a charming, versatile script design. How about adding the complete Sabores Script collection from Latinotype to your typographic treasure chest for a mere $49?

ITC Officina Serif

Perhaps you need a slab serif design in your arsenal. As part of our #Fontacular festivities you can get the ITC Officina Serif volume (that’s 10 fonts) for just $49. Folks, the fact of the matter is that we have 20 amazing typographic deals for our first day of #Fontacular. Head on over to our event’s landing page to see the complete range tremendous type discounts going on!

“The time is now. Sound the horns and raise the banners! #FONTACULAR. IS. BACK. You’re in store for five glorious days of epic typographic discounts!

If you’ve partied along with us for our last two #Fontacular events, you know that winning amazingly-designed prizes is part of our shindig’s appeal. Ready for your chance to win?!

Fontacular Poster

Designed by the indominatable Emrich Stuidio, our first treasure up for grabs is our 18″ x 24″ four-color commemorative poster—it will make any design fan’s heart burst with joy. Printed by our good friends at Mama’s Sauce on the finest Kraft-Tone stock provided by the French Paper Company, you have a chance to get your hands on this limited edition poster! What do you need to do for a chance to win? Simple. Tweet your heart out using hashtag #Fontacular about how our event has made all of your dreams come true. For all the official rules and regulations, wander right on over to our #Fontacular landing page for all the details.

That’s it for now, be sure to check back tomorrow as we unveil the next batch of wondrous #Fontacular deals. Onward!


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