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Johnathan Zsittnik in News on June 16, 2017

Subscriptions are a big part of what we do here at, and we’ve had a quite a bit of activity on the subscription front as of late. We recently introduced some major enhancements to the Monotype Library Subscription, including web font support for all fonts in the library. With web fonts now a core component of this product, we’ve also rolled our Web Fonts subscription into the Monotype Library Subscription. This simplifies our subscription offerings to a single solution that addresses the type needs of creative professionals for print and digital design.

Monotype Library Subscription

To our Web Fonts customers, welcome to the Monotype Library Subscription! Now, let’s take a closer look at what this change means for you.

As an existing customer of a Web Fonts paid plan, you get the best of both worlds, including access to everything you had previously, plus access to more than 10,000 premium desktop fonts from nearly 2,200 families offered through the Monotype Library Subscription. Any benefit that was exclusive to our Web Fonts plans has been grandfathered to you and will not be taken away, even if you make changes to your subscription.

Web font service

Previous Web Font customers retain access to the full web font inventory, including typefaces from our partner foundries. You can also continue to use our hosted web font service and any of the publishing methods provided to you previously through the same web font management user interface. A new and simplified interface supporting the self-hosting publishing method offered to new subscribers is also available to you. You can toggle between the two by visiting Your Account / Subscriptions.


FontExplorer X and Typecast

If your plan previously offered access to FontExplorer X and Typecast, you can continue to use these apps in the same way.

Desktop fonts

You will also receive access to all Monotype Library Subscription fonts for desktop use, even if this benefit was not offered in your previous subscription. Just click an install link (top right corner) like the one below and use our SkyFonts app to use fonts in your desktop authoring tools.

Desktop Fonts

Mockup fonts

As you may recall, mockup fonts are a 1-day font installation for creating website mockups and were accessible through the SkyFonts menu next to any font result. With complete desktop rights available for fonts in the Monotype library, this feature became redundant for the most widely used fonts. As a result, we’ve moved the mockup font feature to the old web font management UI.

Monotype Library Subscription

To use a mockup font, first ensure the font is in a web project. Next, visit the web font management page. (If you are seeing the new web font management UI, visit Your Account / Subscriptions to flip on the old UI). From here, open the project containing the font. Finally, open the mockup font control and install away! As always, mockup fonts are installed through our SkyFonts app.


Font sending

As you may have seen, we recently announced a feature called font sending. Available to new and existing subscribers, this feature supports your creative workflow by allowing you to share fonts with friends, colleagues, clients, printers or anyone else you collaborate with for free for seven days. It’s as simple as clicking the send link (bottom right corner) from the family page of any font in the library.


Copy the URL to pass on to the person you’re sharing with or send an email directly through the site. The link will take the recipient to where the font family can be installed for seven days through our SkyFonts app. Once installed, the font can be used in the same way that a subscriber can use it.


Going forward

Stay tuned for many updates and font releases to the Monotype Library Subscription. Thanks for being a loyal customer. We look forward to serving you for years to come.

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