Rosella: New and Old Combined into Unique Elegance


Allan Haley in News on November 15, 2017

Sabina Chipară’s research into Didot typestyles was the inspiration for her Rosella™ design. Like Bodoni, Firmin Didot approached his typeface designs as more than a medium of communication; they were also intended to be objects of artistic delight. Chipară realized that the 200+ year-old designs could be a foundation for a new typeface family of stylish fun.

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With a foundation in Didot’s fonts, and engravers typefaces of the late 19th century, Chipară’s designs mirror the delicate and ornate hairlines of steel and copperplate engraving. She began her typographic journey with the dramatic Rosella Solid, and built on that to create the rest of the typeface family. The base design is an elegant, yet powerful, titling font that stands on its own. The other five variations in the family range from the stylish Rosella Deco to the decorative Rosella Flourish – with Rosella Engraved, Flourish, Hatched and Inline in between.

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All the designs take to color like the strikingly beautiful Australian parrot for which the family is named. Vibrant hues, and tinted backgrounds will add drama and charisma to book covers, social announcements, packaging and posters. While current as today, Rosella has an antique vibe that brings an understated elegance to print and interactive design projects.

The complete Rosella typeface family is for desktop licensing or as both desktop and web fonts as part of the Monotype Library Subscription.

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A terrific typeface to add a bit of typographic history—wrapped in colorful 21st century attire—to your projects. Learn more about the Rosella suite of typefaces now!

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